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Triad Treatments & The Grand Wraps

The Spa's multi-tiered treatments are designed to fully rejuvenate the body and spirit.

Reservations: 858.314.2020
Extremities - Footbath, Reflexology, and Upper Body Massage
Promoting relaxation and a sense of well-being, this treatment begins with a therapeutic herbal footbath followed by a healing reflexology massage on the hands and feet, stimulating energy pathways. A soothing scalp, neck and shoulder massage using warmed, aromatic oils prolongs the relaxation. 

Footbath, Reflexology and Upper Body Massage / 90 minutes: $280 weekdays, $290 weekend
Decompression - Scrub, Hydrating Body Wrap and Massage
An invigorating body scrub of organic rosemary is followed by a hydrating body wrap of goat butter while lying on a warm, free-floating bed, encouraging the ultimate in relaxation. A rhythmic body massage culminates this soothing, luxurious treatment. 

Scrub, Hydrating Body Wrap and Massage / 120 minutes: $370 weekdays, $380 weekend
Expression - Stone, Scrub and Tonic Massage
The tiered ritual begins with an application of warm, soothing stones, followed by an invigorating body scrub and Vichy shower. A brisk tonic massage finish stimulates circulation and creates a surge of energy from head to toe. 

Stone, Scrub and Tonic Massage / 120 minutes: $370 weekdays, $380 weekend
Sculpted Beauty - Massage, Thermal Wrap and Swiss Shower
Ideal for improving the skin’s appearance, this treatment includes a contouring body massage to encourage the elimination of excess fluid followed by a mineralizing seaweed clay wrap. An indulgent Swiss shower ensues before the skin is hydrated with a sunflower and mango-infused goat butter tightening cream. 

Massage, Thermal Wrap and Swiss Shower / 120 minutes: $370 weekdays, $380 weekend
The Grand Wraps
Choose from three nourishing wraps with local ingredients inspired by the resort's coastal canyon setting. The treatment begins with a dry body brushing to gently exfoliate skin, before soaking up the benefits of your selected wrap. Your choice of either a mini-Portrait facial or a mini-Therapeutic massage follows to complete the rejuvenating experience.
  • Recover - Using a blend of Roman chamomile and lavender essential oils, this wrap calms and nourishes irritated skin. Great for sunburned skin.
  • Repair - A detoxifying blend of seaweed and minerals helps purify the body.
  • Replenish - This deeply moisturizing wrap of Porphyra red algae, hylauronic acid and clary sage protects the skin, fights water retention and balances the senses.

60 minutes: $185 weekdays, $195 weekend